About US

A man named Jimmy Schlenker once said to me, “I Like You”, and so began my life’s mission to spread the like…

HI. My name is John Edellstein and I Like You!

Three simple words when used together are so powerful. Never could I have imagined the effect they have on those around me. I’ve always liked to consider myself as a caring person and have tried my best to help where I could but, once I started using the words, the results were miraculous. The more I used “HI, I like you” to help brighten someone’s day the more I began hearing others saying (and meaning) the same thing. People’s lives were being changed in a happy and positive, way.


I was so grateful for this gift and the ability to be truly helpful to those around me that I wanted to share it with everyone. My good friend Pete Ellefson suggested putting “it” in writing…The first I-like-you t-shirt was created. We made a few more t-shirts and mostly gave them away to friends and family. It was just so much fun!

I dreamed of creating a better place with positive apparel that would affect everyone you come in contact with. If you can have a positive effect on one persons day maybe they in turn would spread the like to someone else. I believe in like because LIKE is good! It has no color, no creed, and no boundaries set by man. It’s inherently good and has had such great influence on me, my family and everyone I come in contact with. Having a positive attitude has taught me that people want to be happy and want to share. It is my mission to aid in the most important thing on this planet…Helping others, help others. It’s easy and fun. It breaks through all barriers and age groups. Think positively and positive things will aid in your goals.

The Golden Rule…Pay it Forward…It’s Truly Better to Give than to Receive. 

Working together we can start a chain reaction for the betterment of all. Three words can do it! I’ve seen it, lived it, and am it! My goal is to inspire and to bestow upon you the great gift of spreading the like and helping others to make this a better, more positive place to live…Worldwide! Oh yea, " i like you".